Ancient Mysteries and Our Future Glory – Gopi Krishna and Wired Magazine

Trudging through the snow since daybreak, a prospector in California collapses under the weight of his pack. He no longer has any sensation in his legs and feet, and the biting cold releases waves of pain over his whole body. He set out on his journey with hopes of a prosperous future, but now all seems lost. A massive snow storm is approaching, and he wonders if he will survive through the night…

Eighty years later, half way around the world in a village in the northern Kashmir region of India, a man quietly climbs the stairs leading to the upper room of his family’s ancestral home. He has dedicated this time each morning, for over a decade, to meditation while the rest of his family sleeps. Aside from a more disciplined life and increased self-control, he has noticed only minor changes to his personality after years of steady practice. This morning, however, all that will change, and he will be irreversibly thrust into a startling new world of inner experience.

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