The iProd – Maxim Magazine – Discovery News

In Australia, customs agents seized 6,000 weapons that arrived from China, including fake iPhones designed to deliver electric shocks. In a press release published by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, photos show contraband, including brass knuckles, extendable batons and other shock devices. On the taser-like phones, the shocking mechanism can be seen on the top of the phone opposite the headphone jack. A spokesperson did not confirm whether police tested the phones, but an instruction sheet packaged with the devices described them as “iPhone 4 super ultra electronic thin riot.” Check out the image gallery and the results of the bust at Discovery News.

This illustration was among our first editorial jobs done originally for Maxim Magazine on humorous iPhone alternatives. We all got a good laugh out of it not realizing that one day it would actually come to pass. You can date the piece by the very early design of the iPod. I was thinking of updating the design to the new generation iPod, but decided to let it remain as it did for the original article. Thank you for looking and have a great week!

Illustration by Kenn Brown – Chris Wren @ For syndications and/or commissions please contact me at